Al Baraka Auto Ijarah

Rental Rate Salary Segment Minimum Income Requirement Downpayment Amount
11.5% (1 Year KIBOR + 3.5%) Salaried Rs. 35,000 15% of vehicle value

New Car Financing – Al Baraka Auto Ijarah

Al Baraka Auto Ijarah is becoming a popular mode of replacement of a used vehicle for a new one. Every individual aspires to purchase a new car after a certain time period. With the rising cost of new automobiles, Al Baraka Auto Ijarah allows its consumers to purchase a new vehicle in the market, and repay the cost over tenure of 5 years. This enables an individual to buy a new car with Al Baraka Auto Ijarah with ease and with simple monthly repayment options.

Availing a new car through Al Baraka Auto Ijarah has its benefits. The market value of the new car does not depreciate as greatly during the tenure of repayment. Maintenance costs are lower, thereby enabling ease of monthly payments under Al Baraka Auto Ijarah for the vehicle. Lastly Al Baraka Auto Ijarah allows a consumer to change his vehicle more frequently during his course of employment.

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