Looking for a new laptop? Avail Meezan Laptop Ease

meezan laptop ease 2In today’s day and age, laptops are not only used by corporate executives. Rather they are becoming a necessity for all individuals at various age groups. From students, to salaried individuals, to businessmen, everyone needs to be connected online and mobile. A laptop serves the purpose for all such individuals. Meezan Bank is providing laptop financing to all individuals seeking to purchase a new machine or upgrade their previous one. Meezan Laptop Ease is especially designed to assist consumers in purchasing new DELL or HP machines and repaying the cost over a tenure ranging from 3 to 24 months. Minimum installment amount on Meezan Laptop Ease starts from Rs. 2,889. This is affordable to most salaried individuals and fulfills their needs for new laptop machines as well.

Meezan Bank is one of the largest Islamic financial institutions in Pakistan. Their product Meezan Laptop Ease is the first Sharia-compliant short term financing solution for individuals in this country. Products such as Meezan Laptop Ease display the potential of Islamic Banking in Pakistan and further prove the efforts made by this sector to cater to consumer needs. We, at MyBankersOnline laud the efforts by Meezan Bank in promoting access to technology in the economy and strongly recommend Meezan Laptop Ease to every consumer looking to upgrade or purchase new laptops.

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