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As the age of digital marketing gains momentum in Pakistan, the financial sector is rushing to increase its presence online. Bank websites, initially dull platforms listing products and press releases, are reforming their outlook into interactive web portals to attract online users and facilitate them with their banking requirements. Leading the race are NIB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank Alfalah in Pakistan.

NIB Bank website: The new interface provides ease of maneuvering for an online user, with the product palette artistically displayed across the entire website. The ‘orange’ theme color of NIB Bank is used as a base for the entire layout, whereas long descriptive texts are replaced with expressive photography and animations. The ‘Contact Us’ section is especially useful for the consumers, as it allows one to leave comments, queries, and further provides guidance on how to locate NIB Branches across Pakistan.

Standard Chartered Bank website: One of the pioneers of digital presence in Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank has reformed its website to provide an aesthetic outlook to its user base. The earlier bank website, riddled with blue and green color themes and product listings, has now been replaced by a more accessible layout. The fonts are larger; more convenient for online users, additionally; the website now focuses on guiding visitors to their searches rather than bluntly displaying an entire segment’s products. Banking jargon has also been replaced with user-friendly terms to assist in navigating around the banking products.

Bank Alfalah website: This bank website has sported a monotonous feel for an extended period of time; therefore its current transformation is a welcome change to online users. The bank website now provides a more modern feel around its interface. Although product listings are still under broad segments, popular banking solutions are aesthetically displayed across the bank website and its home page. One of the salient features is the option to apply for the desired product directly from the home page of the website, rather than sifting through listings and online pages. The animations and photography on the bank website have also been upgraded to provide a more contemporary feel.

Given that the focus of advertisement campaigns is now shifting to the digital platform, it is essential for the banking sector to upgrade its online presence, especially the bank website itself. The consumer base is increasingly relying on web searches for banking products; an innovative bank website will automatically serve as a marketing tool for the respective institution online. We hope other banks will follow the footsteps of NIB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank Alfalah in terms of online presence and innovative bank websites.

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