Best Savings Accounts in Pakistan

savings accountAll banks in Pakistan are offering different savings accounts to their customers. team picked out the best savings accounts in Pakistan; offers over Rs. 100,000 for you. We consider convenience, interest rate offered, compounding frequency, minimum balance requirement, and benefits offered for keeping a large balance.

The rates keeps on changing and banks continue to modify their offerings. Currently the following can be classified as the best savings accounts in Pakistan:

Bank Alfalah Kifayat Account – 8.00%

Faysal Moavin Savings Account - 7.50%


In today’s interest rate climate, Bank Alfalah is offering a staggering 8.00% on its Kifayat Savings Account, whereas Faysal Bank ranks second with its Moavin Savings Account and 7.50% return. We will continue to monitor the rates for you and keep you posted with the best local offers. If you are looking to earn high profits, yet keep your earnings liquid, we recomment you select from our choice of best savings accounts in Pakistan.

For a complete list of offers from different banks, please visit our product search section. 

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