Wajahat Hussain takes the reigns as UBL CEO

12th May 2015


Mr. Wajahat Hussain, Head of International Group for UBL, has been promoted to the position of President and CEO following Atif Bokhari’s resignation. The appointment was confirmed by the board of directors last week; Mr. Hussain will assume his new position from 1st June, 2014 – subject to SBP approvals.

Mr. Wajahat Hussain has over 26 years of diverse banking experience; he has previously been associated with Union National Bank and Mashreq Bank in the Middle East. He took over as Head of Middle East for UBL in 2006 and has played a pivotal role in the bank’s expansion overseas. He was also responsible for launching UBL Fund in the foreign market.

Mr. Wajahat Hussain takes the reigns from the legendary Atif Bokhari, UBL CEO for the last decade. Mr. Bokhari has been the driving force behind UBL’s success locally, within the branchless banking segment and overseas. Under his leadership, UBL rose to become the second largest bank in Pakistan, with a footprint of over 1,400 branches and 5 Million customers across the country. UBL is also the only local bank to support branchless banking payments within the United Kingdom.


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