Start saving young! Start saving today!

26th October 2015


This piece of writing is intended to debunk a popular myth most young people with firsthand jobs or fresh career tend to accept as true “I cannot save because I am young and I do not earn much”!

The first few pay cheques are very exciting, rather spent too quickly due to eagerness and sometimes responsibilities. On the contrary a certain percentage of every rupee we receive can be saved if we set some objectives in life. It’s always stress-free and easier to escape with the mindset that I shall only be able to save when I am netting significant.

There will be times in life when your budget will be strained and you will reach maximum capacity. But then there will be times which will be ideal to save. Remember money, just like food and water, is a basic necessity of life. Yet money is also a pre-requisite to buying certain happy moments and comfort in the long run. If not possible in larger amounts, try and save in small amounts. Make it a habit.

You may have to make trivial sacrifices at present but each time think of the finer picture. It is possible to save without compromising your happiness. Be selective, be smart. Have a plan, an excitement or urgency to acquire something different. Don’t be scared to innovate.

That excitement will make you save! Live up to your responsibility, do charity and volunteer work, appreciate life, eat healthy, exercise and save! Saving ought to be a part of your routine. It will protect you tomorrow. Tomorrow is looming!

Start young! Start TODAY!


By Nadia Zamir


Nadia Zamir has a Bachelors degree in Business from University of Wales and has undertaken various securities and compliance courses and certification. She has 8+ years of experience in the field of personal banking and wealth management with top financial firms with a global presence. She has a flair for professional writing and contributes to as a content writer in a professional capacity.


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