HBL and Monet introduce card payments for Daraz.pk

17th February 2015


HBL has introduced card payments for e-commerce giant Daraz.pk through the use of Monet’s revolutionary Swipe2Pay mPOS. This would allow consumers to pay for their Daraz.pk purchases through the use of mobile POS machines at the time of delivery. Substituting the cash-on-delivery model with card-on-delivery, HBL and Monet have taken a huge stride in promoting plastic money in Pakistan’s economy.

HBL has made substantial headway in facilitating merchant payments in the country; their recent addition of an e-commerce platform to their portfolio is a display of their encompassing approach to facilitate consumers through various channels. Faiq Sadiq – Head of Payment Services at HBL, stated that the replacement of cash transactions with secure card payments will further facilitate in increasing the volume of transactions for the e-commerce segment.

Swipe2Pay mPOS accepts all card types – VISA, MasterCard and UnionPay. Monet has changed Pakistan’s payments landscape by introducing a secure medium of mobile merchant payments – their vision to partner with financial institutions and retail segment to facilitate greater card transactions in the economy is one step closer to achievement with the recent accord between HBL and Daraz.pk.

All Daraz.pk customers can now enjoy payments through cards on delivery of their purchases. This allows greater security for both the consumer and merchant and further provides a boost to digitization of the country’s economy.


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