Banking requirements for a visa application

29th April 2015


Why do you need your bank account information when applying for a visa? Simple – so that your documentation is complete and the process is expedited. Here is a list of basic banking documents every embassy asks for when applying for your visa:

  1. Six Month Bank Statements: Every visa application requires a copy of your bank statement for the last six months. It is recommended to attach statements of both your current and savings account – this is primarily to show your monthly income and expenses, and your savings. Bank statements can be generated from your parent branch or any online branch of your respective bank. It must be stamped on the first and last page by the bank official. Account statements can also be collected by a representative as long as an authority letter is presented along with the statement request.
  2. Account Maintenance Certificate: For every account statement, you must also submit an account maintenance certificate along with your visa application. The account maintenance certificate is generally addressed to the concerned embassy, and contains particulars of your account – title, account number, available balance etc. Like account statements, maintenance certificates can also be collected by a representative wielding an authority letter; however a banking institution takes two days to prepare the certificate.
  3. Six Month Business Account Statement: This is specifically for self-employed individuals or businessmen who show their income from their personal businesses. They require six month account statements for their business accounts, showing the monthly turnover and expenditure. This statement also needs to be stamped by the respective bank official. However it is not necessary to show statements of all bank accounts being maintained by a particular business.

Preparing all these documents takes two to three working days. Do take note of these requirements before submitting your visa application – it will expedite the application preparation process substantially.


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